Amazing Lady

So, I have finally started both my exercise classes, dance and pilates and I am loving both. Unfortunately no walking for now, I have a sore foot. But, what I want to share with you isn’t strictly about exercise, related to one of my classes though.

One of the first days I was going to pilates, I was arriving there by car, when I saw this lady walking along the same road as my gym. I HAD to look at her! Ok, I do look at people a lot, I love to check out the way they are dressed, how their hair is, what handbag they are carrying, etc. etc. But, she was something else, I tell you!!

First of all I noticed she was wearing really high heels…AND walking in them, not just got out of her car, actually walking. I believe she must live nearby, still, I couldn’t do it. Secondly I had a good look at her hair. Dyed blond, as in perfectly dyed blond, no roots showing. Made up as if she had just left the hairdresser, big curls, not one hair out of place (I guess a lot of hair spray went into that!). Third, her clothes, well cut, they fell down on her impeccably, hugging her just enough to glimpse at her body shape but not too much to make her look tarty. Very slightly over weight but not a lot, just kind of “soft” looking. Last, and surely not least, I passed her, and realised she must be at least seventy! Probably older, but I will never ask her age, not to a lady like that!!


Now, I am not saying I liked her look, even though it was not bad at all, but certainly a lot of effort went into that! Really, I find it difficult sometimes taking care of the way I am dressed, or doing my hair and make up. She must have spent an hour to look that way. She deserves a 10 for effort and another 10 for result too!!

But, the biggest surprise was when I actually saw her coming in to join the pilates class:)))))

She has been there every time since. Her hair is always flawless, her clothes too. She wears all black. Black leggings, black top; very often a nice tight little jumper with a very interesting neck line, round with an opening like a drop, which lets you get a glimpse at her breasts! Even her socks are pretty, black and just under her ankles. Of course she always has make up and a great smile. Btw, she still wears extremely high heels, she leaves the gym in those every single time. I forgot to mention she is truly quite short, even with those shoes, shorter than me barefoot ( I am average hight ).

I want to be her when I will be her age. Where do I sign up?


A shirtless collar

Do you hate ironing shirts as much as I do? Does the shirt annoy you worn underneath your jumper ? Here’s COS great solution to both problems:


It’s a pity it only comes in black, it would have been cute in some bright colour too.


Painted nails

I hate giving myself a manicure. It takes me ages and I can’t really have the nail varnish I want. It’s ok if the colour isn’t too dark but if it is, I make a mess of it.

I was supposed to get my nails done before going away for a few days with my husband, only the girl who does them, has probably broken her foot. I know, she needs her hands to do her job, but unfortunately she doesn’t live in the shop. So I Ieft with my hands in a mess.

Today I am walking around town and I see one of those “nail shops”, than another, on the third one I decide to go in. It’s one of those places where everybody is having that devastating manicure which lasts forever and ruins your nails. I only want them to paint mine. I have actually given myself a manicure earlier today but couldn’t bring myself to paint my nails, too much of an effort! I try to explain myself in english and it proves quite a challenge. Ten minutes later, I think I have managed. They start showing me colours and I end up choosing the least evil of them, just so we can get on with things (5 clients in the shop, all under 20, staring at me, wondering what the heck a 50 something is doing in there and speaking so much!!) and we finally get started. I know within seconds I have made a mistake, but I can’t bring myself to start a 10 minute conversation again, so I just smile and change fingers when required. The young oriental girl, takes about 1 minute per nail, which, with normal nail varnish, is bound to come out a disaster, but I keep on smiling (and thinking “I have tried” and “I can take it all off soon”).  At the end of all available fingers, she tells me I must wait 10 minutes. The guy next to her signals I must put my hands inside one of those cooking machines and I decline, just in case it does cook my nails and I can’t take the varnish off (I am still in doubt I have been given the stuff I wanted!) and he clearly shows his disapproval about my decision. I wait, after not long I start getting bored and I touch one of my nails, he looks at me in a “suppressed anger way” and suddenly moves away from his client and comes to me. He grabs my hand and in a manly way (as in, he hurts me) starts putting clear varnish on my not so nice nails ( I did manage to put my glasses on and checked the girl’s work, worse than mine!). Then, this time, orders me to put my hands into the infernal machine that cooks them. I oblige, as I am kind of worried of what he might do if I don’t), and smile, to everybody. Yes, all the clients are looking at me… At this point a new client comes in and I am asked to free my chair. Twice somebody comes to check my nails and on third time, I am finally given permission to leave. I get up to pay and I am busy looking for my purse inside my handbag, when I notice I have already ruined one nail! Unfortunately they do too!!!! I kind of panic, I can’t go through that again, especially having decided long ago I will take the nail varnish off as soon as possible…so I blether a “it’s fine”, pay and run out of the shop, before the man grabs me! Two doors along I find a small supermarket where I purchase a small bottle of nail varnish remover.


This is what I had in mind…