Winter long sleeves

Quality is everything but attention to details is essential to make an outfit stylish. So, if you wear a gorgeous high neck jumper for example, made of cashmere perhaps (or some other excellent quality wool), and your sleeves are just right….well, it is not the same as having your sleeves a little long. And if your long sleeves have some other long sleeves showing a little underneath, it’s another one again (e.g. shirt or top) . The second two options being the stylish way to go I reckon. It just looks better! It looks more luxurious, cosier, warmer, etc. etc. Some examples:

All pictures are by DBE (DBE’s Blog) as she obviously shares my love for longer sleeves, and I love just about every one of her pictures!




I haven’t been writing lately. Initially I thought I wanted some time off to spend with my family during the Christmas period, and that was true to some extent, but I know realise it wasn’t the only reason. The first signs were there, I was getting bored with clothes (not like me!!!) and for that, I was just “thinking accessories”…. But, it was much more the boredom mine, it was the start of a big “fashion crisis”. One where I didn’t even want to read or look at fashion. AND, one where I also looked at my wardrobe and realised I just wanted to get rid of everything! (which is financially impossible, since at least some clothes need to be replaced!!)

I now understand what happened. Since starting this blog, I have been following numerous fashion sites and other people’s blogs and have been getting excited about new trends. I started going for everything that was new, got far too involved in this and I ended up losing sight of what really matters to me about fashion, what I am very fond of, my true love: QUALITY.

d56dd309561b7add2fc9f4cfd92f4788Yes, because it’s impossible and wrong to follow every trend there is. First of all, a woman should learn what works for her, and then find that into quality items which will fit her wonderfully and last for a very long time. This is really what I believe in. Of course I will follow some trends, but carefully. I do want my clothes to fit in with the times, taking into account the kind of life I lead (no point of having evening dresses if you don’t have evenings to go to), above all though, I want to have style! (which cannot be obtained without quality, as a great man once said).

I own 3 cashmere jumpers and I still like them, even after many years of wearing. I have perhaps not worn them every year, but, sooner or later they come back into my wardrobe. And the same thing happens with those few quality items I own. Why? Because they are just cut so well and they are made of very good materials. It’s easy to fall for new and buy it a little cheaper, otherwise one couldn’t afford to have everything one wants, but after a few months (if not days), one looks at it for what it is, something cheap, which doesn’t fit that well and is already going out of fashion.

My conclusion is this: I will buy less but it HAS TO BE QUALITY (which doesn’t  necessarily translates into Designer’s)


Christmas thoughts

Decorated Christmas tree closeup

As you have probably guessed by now I am not in the mood for fashion posts lately. I am just living in black and feel safe outfits, nothing exciting. I often get to this point around this period, usually a bit later though… I think I have more important matters in mind right now, even though I still think not everything ought be serious and grave. People need superfluous and foolish too, fashion in other words!


I want to wish you a relaxing festive season, peace of mind and hope.



P.S. Be careful with all the Christmas delicacies, you will need to be strong and refuse some, otherwise the already depressing “after holidays” January and February will be a nightmare, when clothes are too tight they never look good!