A pink jumper

SAMSØE SAMSØE Clea crew neck 11437

I rarely like summer clothes, that’s why, as soon as I noticed this jumper, I had to tell you about it.  I love the shape and the colour and, it’s on sale at half price! here


Proportions and how to look slimmer

I have put on weight during “lock down”. I know, most of us have. Mine is all around my thighs and my tummy. I don’t really do diets, I can’t. I can’t give up anything. I love food, I love wine, I love alcohol in general actually. I don’t much like exercise I am afraid. Only walking. I know, its going to be difficult to lose weight this way!  Having said all this, it’s not like I have put on 10 kilos, probably 2 or 3, hopefully. I haven’t the gusts to check. I wasn’t exactly skinny before but still, I am a size 44 now, so not all is lost.

Just for now, in the hope summer will take appetite away, I have to make do with the right clothes, not many though!

This is what I wore earlier today, for my “big outing to the supermarket” (sad or what?!!):

Long black wide leg trousers, no pleats: this way you could not see my chubby thighs, black of course slims down, long makes you taller (just above your ankles though) and no pleats, so you don’t add to your tummy.

White loose medium length t-shirt: White on top, where I am slimmer, makes proportions right and so makes the bottom part, look slimmer. The length also covers my tummy (and it’s loose enough not to hug it) but stops just before my hips.

Pointy flat shoes: they lengthen the legs. Sometimes flat is better than high heels.

I also made sure my eyes had suitable make-up and my face mask was pretty:

and my lovely handbag, I have just bought for the summer:

Apart from knowing it was an optical illusion (I could feel the waist of my trousers a little tight, whereas before it was rather loose), I looked quite good!



Face masks

I was going to write about masks, listing kinds, comfort, etc. A study. But I can’t be bothered. What I want to say is: I can’t possibly go on wearing those awful surgical masks. Can you?  Btw, I didn’t have many, so I was disinfecting them after each use, resulting in a fine hairy layer on the inside, which constantly tickled my nose!!

If I have to keep on wearing something on my face, it must at least look decent and comfy! So, here is my experience since buying some:

I have already made a correction to one! This is what I got:

They are too tight around my head. Do I have a big head? I didn’t think so until a few days ago. Am I a person who likes comfort? Yes, definitely. I have therefore cut the elastic and changed the system, it now goes around my ears. That means they stick out very slightly, so, DO NOT do this if yours are already Dumbolike! The other reason I did this is that I’d like to breathe. There are several layers of fabric, the outer part is just the pretty one, the inside instead is the material which prevents the little bastards going through and infecting you. Now the elastic is around my ears, a little oxygen gets through …The fact they have those pleats is good, you can adjust them so you have more space where you need it (big nose anybody?!!). When you have them around your ears they also cover less of your face. But of course if you wish to walk around  incognito….better keep them as they are. Careful though, you can’t see a lot, you might miss a step and end up in hospital, the last place where you want to be right now!!

Mine are washable of course. I have washed one yesterday, by hand. The inside layers, which were nicely ironed in pleats, mirroring the outside, are not there anymore…I am a little worried this will now annoy my so delicate face. I am wearing it again tomorrow, I will let you know.

One last warning: if you wear glasses and you also want to breathe at the same time, you cannot expect to see. I think you should change to contact lenses.

So, overall not terribly happy with what I got, still better than the surgical masks though.

Next I’d like to try this kind out:

Has anybody found a site which sells this type and uses cute fabrics? European sites please! Although I might just wait for the shops to open…












If you wear glasses you are f…d. They steam up!