Bits and pieces

I was busy, Christmas holidays… I took a break from looking at clothes, my favourite past time!  But now I am back. The first two months of the year are quite horrible, I know, the sales are on. But things are changing, more and more fashion brands have new arrivals all the time 🙂 That’s why I have a few suggestions, no theme, just random pieces:

  1. Because chinos are always useful and comfy and I love these two colours.



What can I say, I love tartan and I love puffed sleeves.


GIORGIO ARMANI Borsa la Prima grande in pelle palmellata

This is a gorgeous bag. I adore the colour burgundy and this kind of “scratched” leather look. Unfortunately the price is rather high..but, once in a lifetime, a girl ought to have a bag like this. It is an investment, so one should think long and hard before buying it.



Rather more inexpensive this cute little fun bag. Nonetheless, very precious.



Tweed culottes. Great with knee high boots and a little cashmere jumper.


Now, Zara’s earrings are obviously affordable, I can’t say the same thing for the chain necklace…. I am sure it’s possible to find something similar though. After all, there’s no need to get in the shower with it.


No caption here. Just a link . If you can afford cashmere at home, this is the site for you. Heaven.



Because a cashmere jumper is forever, forget diamonds!




New Year’s eve clothes for “grown ups”

There’s just too much out there, far too much. There’s plain but classy, there’s colour, there’s kitch… I am just going to post some clothes and accessories at random. I only want to point out, one doesn’t need to be half naked to be dressed for a party and there are plenty of things for more “seasoned” women. I could not go through all the sites I have saved, in order to find the best options, the following are merely the tip of the iceberg…

Among others, I went onto Boden’s site: I had forgotten how cute their party footwear was! Why not go for fancy shoes/sandals on a plainer outfit? Or the opposite of course, or even the “full works” look? Careful though, in this case, it does need to be amazing!!  I especially like the idea of a suit, jacket and trousers in the same garish fabric, or bright shoes, or both!

Hardly any black! Lots of navy and colour. I can’t wait, can you?!!



Heritage style

I read, a little while ago, on Vanity Fair, this winter the “Heritage look” is back.

Immense joy! I have always loved it and always will. Think classic fabric like tweed, tartan, corduroy; shetland wool (itchy I know, but gorgeous), argyle patters, WOW!! I am not sure why I adore all this, perhaps fond of old times?

Anyhow, now, I am a “little older”, I think perhaps all this might make me look I come from that period in history and not in a positive way!! But, there is a way, actually, to approach it without looking too ancient:

the secret is to mix those beautiful items together with clashing patters and/or colours. I am going to give you a couple of examples,  I don’t actually like the single items in them necessarily , but they show well enough what I mean:

Does this explain better? (The pics are from Vanity Fair) Rather than wearing an argyle pattern top over something plain, worn over another pattern makes it look up to date. If you throw in a strange colour as well, than you have the modern Heritage look!