I have always wanted one.

I like to get up in the morning and take it easy. I like to lounge around, have breakfast and seat on the sofa, while listening to the news and messing around on the computer.

Now, I don’t know you but, as soon as it starts being a little chilly, I need to wear something over my pyjamas. I have always been fascinated by those films where the men (I know, man, not woman, a little weird!) wear fantastic tartan, woollen, elegant, chic, warm (enough?), dressing-gowns! I do think a person should always look nice and tidy, even at home and even in their PJs, in fact, more so in those situations! One already isn’t at his/her best, hair all over the place, no make up, etc. etc. Which means one must try at least with the clothes. And anyway, I reckon a gorgeous dressing gown, would make you feel very chic and beautiful…

I have wanted one all my adult life, but, I haven’t got one yet!!!! That’s because it’s terribly hard to find something half decent. And I actually want a well cut dressing gown and it must be made in a very good fabric. I am not making compromises on this one! (well, I suppose a rarely do when it comes to clothes…).

I have found a site, where it says they actually make it by hand and, for what I can see, the gown looks nice. Here it is:

I love the colour too. They have others, but this is the one I prefer. I haven’t ordered it yet though…I have doubts…you can’t see the shape of it properly, nor the length, or the fabric for that matter! It costs quite a bit and, most important thing is, you can’t return it.

If anybody knows of where else I could look, please let me know. I am considering having made by a local dress maker too.


Here if you want to have a better look


To be yourself or not to be …

I live in a very small place, out in the country and I like it this way. What I do miss though, as nothing is perfect, are some aspects of bigger towns.

You see yesterday I went to the centre of Bologna and I was reminded of one of these aspects. Looking around me I noticed how it’s possible to wear anything you want and don’t feel out of place. The best thing is, it doesn’t matter your age either! It was refreshing to see this and it made me think, whether it’s right to conform or not.

Well, some of those women looked positively overdressed, ridiculous, ugly, etc. etc. But hey! Who cares, they were happy!! So, who am I to say they should dress differently! I thought, instead, good for you who is daring enough to do it.

I have concluded I dress too conservative lately and I should let myself go and be a little bolder with my choices. Perhaps that “socks look” I fancied a little while ago? https://stylepointofview.com/2019/08/14/speaking-of-socks/



The perfect length

How are your knees?

Are you the lucky owner of a “V shaped knee” (as I call it) or the less fortunate ” round knee” type? I am the latter….which means I have to be careful about the length of my skirts. I suppose it didn’t used to be this way, or rather, my knees were the same shape, obviously, but, when I was younger my legs were thinner, I had a little more muscle (not a lot mind!) and my skin was tighter and less bumpy!! I used to wear short skirts and I looked good anyway. Now it’s another matter, things have worsen, hence the importance of the skirt’s length.

Her’s an example of the V type knee:

And the round one:

Can you see what I mean?

If you get the length of your skirt right, it will make a huge difference on how you look.  Shoes are important too, so be careful with the shape and heel hight. I know I am not saying anything new or life changing, but why not look at your best if you can, that, will make an awful lot of difference on your mood!

Anyway, I suppose it’s obvious but I will say it anyway, cover the round knee. Wear something that ends just under it and if you can, a pair of shoes which make your ankles look thin too. You can go for a wider sole or a point, they both help matters. The result is amazing!