Winter long sleeves

Quality is everything but attention to details is essential to make an outfit stylish. So, if you wear a gorgeous high neck jumper for example, made of cashmere perhaps (or some other excellent quality wool), and your sleeves are just right….well, it is not the same as having your sleeves a little long. And if your long sleeves have some other long sleeves showing a little underneath, it’s another one again (e.g. shirt or top) . The second two options being the stylish way to go I reckon. It just looks better! It looks more luxurious, cosier, warmer, etc. etc. Some examples:

All pictures are by DBE (DBE’s Blog) as she obviously shares my love for longer sleeves, and I love just about every one of her pictures!



Zara’s skort

No, I didn’t make a typing mistake, it is called a skort and if you look at it closely you can understand why (do you?!), although I am not sure I love the term. But I am really quite taken by this garment…

Are you?


Hoops by OtisJaxon @ Etsy

I was actually looking for “statement” earrings…and I came across this brand: OtisJaxon. They have absolutely fabulous, unusual hoops! Wouldn’t be able to choose just one pair if I had to! Prices are ok too, apart from some which are actually made of gold, so obviously are more expensive. I do like some of the other pieces, but the hoops are just amazing!

Here’s the link to the brand:

OtisJaxon @ Etsy

and here are my favourite hoops: