Pink love

I am not a pink person. I have fallen in love with a pink bag though. Gianni Chiarini, quality and taste.




Now, sleeping, there used to be a time, not long ago mind, when people would tell me they couldn’t sleep all night anymore and, I would comment, with complete lack of sensitivity, that I slept really well, all night!

Now I am one of those people. I am writing about this not to complain but to actually have a laugh. I am not going mad. I just find it very funny what this situation brings with it. You see, when one doesn’t get enough sleep, one feels tired and sleepy during the day. So far I haven’t said anything particularly clever, I know, and I suppose I am not going to later either!

Anyway, the amusing side of all this, is that I sleep everywhere. I sit on the sofa waiting for the rest of the family to arrive for lunch and I fall asleep (with possibly a book or phone in my hands, which sometimes I drop!!), I take my son to lesson, where I wait for at least an hour and a half (usually going walking or doing some shopping) and I sleep in the car, in the car park, where people come and go, and they can see somebody who they might think dead in the car… One of these days somebody is going to try to save me I fear!!

There is also this: when one gets to a certain age, one doesn’t look “pretty and sweet” when asleep, one looks b….y stupid! Head falling all over the place, you know when it suddenly drops and you catch it back with a sudden jolt! Hair all over the place or stuck to the side of one’s face (usually because of dribble), triple chin, mouth open that emits now and again sudden snoring noises….Not a pretty sight!!

It reminds me of when I was pregnant. And a year or so afterwards for that matter!

Now that I have “installed” this lovely image of me in your mind I bid you goodbye.






A new name for the cat

Just a quick thought…

My husband likes to call the cat Sir Fur (he does have a lot of that!!).

The cat likes to drink from the bidet (you know, those small, low bowls we have in Italy in the bathroom? Which, btw, I just can’t understand why they are not in everybody’s bathroom!! What on earth do you do every time you need to wash certain bits?!! Do you actually have a shower every time?!!)

Anyway, the cat’s name has become Lucifer! As in Loo Sir Fur

I love it!