I know now isn’t really the time to speak about collars, it is far too hot.  I don’t even wear my watch anymore… but

I came across “collars” on Pinterest by chance. I am fascinated by it.

It’s amazing how many different ones there are, how gorgeous, AND the difference they make to a shirt/sweater/dress etc. Whether they are simple, or just the opposite, embellished, an unusual cut, they are all very interesting, I find.

Here are some.. well, lots actually:

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Amazed?!? I was, I had no idea there were so many and such beautiful ones!!!!

Did you spot the intruder by the way? I couldn’t resist it… There also may be some that have been put twice…

I especially like the idea of having different detachable collars to wear on lots of different Colin-Firth-Mr-Darcy-Pride-and-Prejudice-colin-firth-16177816-1346-2047clothes. Love the ruffle type with ties, to add as if it were a scarf ( note to self to cut collars from stained or out of favour shirts and perhaps add to them stones or similar ), but I like them all really… Oh, I also love the idea of the shirt’s collar up and a silk scarf wound around it (in or out the actual collar), a bit Mr. Darcy’s! 1800s circa. I have always had a weakness for cravats… I like the string around the put up collar too (see above gallery for all mentioned).

I want to try the haberdashery for a lace detachable collar, even though that won’t be an easy task, tasteful lace is difficult to come about…



Here’s also a few guides of types of necklines or collars:

Neckline fashion vocabulary

Type of collars

I have to wait for Autumn and winter now.