Longer legs!!

Just had a thought this morning. I decided to wear a dark grey knitted tightish dress and grey ankle boots with a bit of a heel (6 cm). When I came to choose the tights I almost went for a pair of black ones (I tend to reach out to black as a default choice) but changed my mind and wore grey ones instead.

You probably already know why, but I thought I would tell who doesn’t yet:

if you wear the same colour throughout your outfit, or at least the bottom part of it, your legs look much longer because they look as if they continue right down to the floor! Of course a little heel helps too…

grey top to toe

Don’t forget, if your legs are chubby,  wear a pair of boots with a wide and thick sole, thick heel and a length slightly above your ankle, so your legs will have a chance to look thinner than your shoes! (the above boots are good too for this though as they don’t cut right around the ankle and are instead cut lower at the front)

grey top to toe 2

Sorry, I wasn’t able to do a terribly good job with the images but I hope you get the idea anyway.

I thought I would point this out because I recently have put on quite a few extra kilos (ahhhhh!!!!) but nobody seems to notice. Even when I say it, they don’t believe me. My conclusion is I must be dressing well, in terms of what suits my present shape obviously!

And if you think the above is good advice, have a look at this post: