The Gucci bag

I have always loved Gucci, especially their accessories. I have always wanted one of their bags but have never had one. Now, there is a new handbag with their logo (all over it!), which, on their site looks gorgeous. I say this because I am not actually sure I love it as much as I think. I do need to explain myself at this point.

A few month ago I plucked up the courage to enter one of their shops (I feel rather frightened by Designer’s shops) and had a look at several handbags I thought I was in love with. Well, it turns out I didn’t like them so much after all. Once I had them on my shoulder, for one reason or another I thought: do I want this bag so much I am willing to spend a fortune on it? Of course you already know the answer was no. In fact, I realised I wouldn’t have paid at all. I did not want any of them.

But now I have seen the new bag I am thinking again I wish I could own a Gucci handbag. This is it:

Gucci Lady web original GG canvas shoulder bag

Gucci Lady web original GG canvas shoulder bag

It costs 1,300 Euros. Like all people who can’t normally afford this kind of price tag, I would like to have a logo bag. I’d like to think I want this kind of bag because I just happen to like the logo itself but I am not sure and I will never find out. It doesn’t matter, I don’t really care. I love this shape of handbag, the colours, the cool strap and the horse bit which Gucci is famous for and until recently, I had never bothered to find out if it actually had anything to do with horses!!!! It does!

I don’t know whether I will ever go to see it. I kind of do not want to miss out on this beauty, yet I wonder whether 1- I have the “balls” to enter that shop again 2 -should I really have something as expensive as that?

Will let you know if there are any developments.