I have always wanted one.

I like to get up in the morning and take it easy. I like to lounge around, have breakfast and seat on the sofa, while listening to the news and messing around on the computer.

Now, I don’t know you but, as soon as it starts being a little chilly, I need to wear something over my pyjamas. I have always been fascinated by those films where the men (I know, man, not woman, a little weird!) wear fantastic tartan, woollen, elegant, chic, warm (enough?), dressing-gowns! I do think a person should always look nice and tidy, even at home and even in their PJs, in fact, more so in those situations! One already isn’t at his/her best, hair all over the place, no make up, etc. etc. Which means one must try at least with the clothes. And anyway, I reckon a gorgeous dressing gown, would make you feel very chic and beautiful…

I have wanted one all my adult life, but, I haven’t got one yet!!!! That’s because it’s terribly hard to find something half decent. And I actually want a well cut dressing gown and it must be made in a very good fabric. I am not making compromises on this one! (well, I suppose a rarely do when it comes to clothes…).

I have found a site, where it says they actually make it by hand and, for what I can see, the gown looks nice. Here it is:

I love the colour too. They have others, but this is the one I prefer. I haven’t ordered it yet though…I have doubts…you can’t see the shape of it properly, nor the length, or the fabric for that matter! It costs quite a bit and, most important thing is, you can’t return it.

If anybody knows of where else I could look, please let me know. I am considering having made by a local dress maker too.


Here if you want to have a better look