To be yourself or not to be …

I live in a very small place, out in the country and I like it this way. What I do miss though, as nothing is perfect, are some aspects of bigger towns.

You see yesterday I went to the centre of Bologna and I was reminded of one of these aspects. Looking around me I noticed how it’s possible to wear anything you want and don’t feel out of place. The best thing is, it doesn’t matter your age either! It was refreshing to see this and it made me think, whether it’s right to conform or not.

Well, some of those women looked positively overdressed, ridiculous, ugly, etc. etc. But hey! Who cares, they were happy!! So, who am I to say they should dress differently! I thought, instead, good for you who is daring enough to do it.

I have concluded I dress too conservative lately and I should let myself go and be a little bolder with my choices. Perhaps that “socks look” I fancied a little while ago?