I have been told numerous times I should exercise, like most of us, for that matter… Every single doc puts Yoga first in their/mine list, well, that is if I ask for more than one, otherwise, they ONLY say Yoga! I do have lots of small/medium problems and I also realise I feel better when I do some kind of sport (well, calling it sport does seem like a stretch in my case!!).

Over the years (several by now), I have tried lots of disciplines, never found one I liked enough to continue for very long. I think it’s safe to say I am not a sporty person. Why doesn’t somebody invent a pill which makes you feel like you have done it, I ask?!!

This is the list of things I have tried (I will only do adult life, not that before it I had done much anyway!!)):

Gym- weights. Boring, boring, boring. If you try to make it less boring by having a chat with others, well, you just don’t do your exercises. Which means you are paying to chat in a smelly place, better rethink what to do and where.

Step: was never in the same position as everybody else, coordination isn’t my strong suit.

Tennis: my husband tried his best but I just wasn’t able to catch the ball very often and if I did, it never went where I wanted it to go. Plus all that running in order to hit it, wasn’t really for me.

Running: I just remember my husband checking my pulse afterwards and saying “you should be dead”.


Yoga (different kinds, which I never understood/learnt the names of or what the difference is): well, what can I say, some positions where just impossible, and dangerous for that matter (I could often see myself being taken to hospital stuck in one of those ). The lesser difficult kind, boring like hell, especially the breathing bits. Also, cannot stay serious when they start going on about planets, sun, inner core, etc. etc.

Pilates: the most acceptable one so far, even though this one too has positions I cannot possibly aspire to.

Swimming: this is the funniest one. I can’t, swim I mean. I have tried with a teacher. My husband says I am the only person he knows who can go backwards or not move at all!! This is while moving arms and legs of course… I don’t even wet my face, makes me feel like I can’t breathe, which, you might say, is rather normal if your head is under water. The thing is, I panic and start hyperventilating …Anyway, the water is sooo cold.

Karate: I can actually say I loved that. I think I like the idea of being able to beat somebody up!! Never did it again though…I am not sure why. And now it’s too late.

Postural: see Gym.

Dancing: have done Celtic dancing for a couple of years. Here is memory,(never remember the schedule) together with coordination, which fail me…I did enjoy it though, for a while.

Gym walking: not sure what to call it. I have tried this walking on a treadmill … well, the music was so loud I could seldom understand what I was supposed to do. Sooo hard to move that treadmill and concentrating on the exercises. I think the first time in my life I have sweated to the point of dripping!!

Various toning courses: I do not posses muscle. How can I possibly do those exercises?

Curves: I know it’s not a sport in itself, but they certainly have their specific way of doing it. I initially thought it was THE SOLUTION to my luck of interest. Half an hour whenever you want. Painless. I got bored with that too. I just can’t do that 30 seconds routine. I get lost in thoughts and miss my change of position!! Plus the young and fit girl in the middle of the circle telling you to do it harder gets on my nerves.

Walking, outdoors: I have always loved it. Nature and sometimes, when I fancy it, lots of chatting too. I do like to go by myself sometimes though, when I need to think. I always come back feeling better/calmer (if angry), more cheerful (if sad/upset/depressed), tired (the nice tired feeling, that one you know you have done something).

I have a husband who loves exercise. He has never been able to understand why I don’t. Well suited? They do say opposite attracts.

Anyway, this year I am going for pilates (the stretching bit and muscle strengthening docs want me to do), walking (what I enjoy) and dancing (with my husband, we have a laugh and do some exercise together).

I wonder how long I will last?!!