The perfect length

How are your knees?

Are you the lucky owner of a “V shaped knee” (as I call it) or the less fortunate ” round knee” type? I am the latter….which means I have to be careful about the length of my skirts. I suppose it didn’t used to be this way, or rather, my knees were the same shape, obviously, but, when I was younger my legs were thinner, I had a little more muscle (not a lot mind!) and my skin was tighter and less bumpy!! I used to wear short skirts and I looked good anyway. Now it’s another matter, things have worsen, hence the importance of the skirt’s length.

Her’s an example of the V type knee:

And the round one:

Can you see what I mean?

If you get the length of your skirt right, it will make a huge difference on how you look.  Shoes are important too, so be careful with the shape and heel hight. I know I am not saying anything new or life changing, but why not look at your best if you can, that, will make an awful lot of difference on your mood!

Anyway, I suppose it’s obvious but I will say it anyway, cover the round knee. Wear something that ends just under it and if you can, a pair of shoes which make your ankles look thin too. You can go for a wider sole or a point, they both help matters. The result is amazing!