I am a messy person when I eat. Probably because I can’t do it slowly, too much the enthusiasm for food to be able to do it any other way.

Worse when I have to wait for it. Yesterday morning, I had to go for a blood test and I had to be on an empty stomach! By the time I made it to the bar, I was starving and in desperate need for a coffee. So I did my usual, I devoured a doughnut and gulped down a huge coffee. I was wearing a white shirt. One of my favourite white shirts.

I realised soon after I had stained it, therefore, as soon as I got home, I put it in the washing machine to make sure I got the stain out. I then put it out to dry. All is well that ends well.

No, it didn’t though. When I pick it up, to my horror, I realised that yes, the coffee stain had come out, but, there were some blood stains I hadn’t seen on the sleeve and of course, those, had been nicely fixed on the cotton by my warm wash!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!

That’s when I started my quest for the elimination at all costs of those terrible stains. Wash in w/m with stain remover powder. Still there. Wash in w/m with bleach. Still there. Overnight sleeve in pure bleach. Not there anymore!! Smelt of beach though, so I put it in w/m again, long wash.

Merrely, I went to get my beautiful shirt out and check again  it was back to all white….

The stain has indeed come out…so has the sleeve though! As in, it has disintegrated….AHHHHH! Perhaps a little too much bleach?!