Winter wish list

You all know by now, that is if you have been regularly reading my posts, I love winter and its clothes. So, it goes without saying I have already started looking at new arrivals. One of my favourite brands is COS.

I am looking forward to go to try on the following:

I love boiled wool, the chunky look and the fact the it isn’t flimsy but sits perfectly, even though it’s knitted. The length is very chic.  Not sure about the colour here…I think I would like it in beige but I do need to try it on to see whether such a light colour suits me…also because I really like the next skirt, and this only comes in navy, so, if I were to get them both…

I am in love with this wrap skirt!! The shape, the fabric, the length, the colour! There’s the added bonus of being a little adjustable in the waist area…

Next, trousers:

Again, love the fabric, the shape is really interesting too. Colour is super, just adapts to anything.

The cotton trousers seem ideal for mid season and also look like the shape would adapt to most tops and shoes. Mid season is a difficult time and one doesn’t tend to have many things…The denim trousers would be ideal too, not sure about the high waist though, again, I need to see them on.

Anyway, that’s my wish list for now. I only need to get to the shop to narrow it down.