Healthy eating

You know how it is when you are a mother and you want your sons to eat well and anyway you are getting old and conscious you should be eating better? Well, I am always trying really hard to cook the right things!! Tonight, I had decided we should avoid meat. Not an easy task here, I tell you! We are certainly a long way from being vegetarian and, I am really not very good at cooking without a little meat. But, eggs I can usually do. I do get bored though, so I am forever trying new things, sometimes (ok often!), with no recipe to follow. In fact, I make them up, not always successfully. My sons have given a name to my creations, they call them “Mummy’s ideas” and when they see something they don’t recognise arriving at the table, they ask, with a mixture of fright and scorn, if it’s one of those!

As I was saying, tonight it was going to be eggs. So, when I was at the super market I bought asparagus (they look pretty, such a lovely shade of green!!), then two tomatoes (quiche always looks nice with slices on top) and cheese. Next thing you know I am putting thin slices of potatoes in the bottom of the oven dish, yes, because at the last minute I decided I was going to cook in the oven instead of in a saucepan, and add another ingredient. That’s something else I do quite often, I change my plan as I go along…anyway, I positioned all ingredients and put it in the oven. Well, tonight’s dinner did look very pretty, only it didn’t taste as well! There goes my attempt to make something vegetarian…We all agreed a little “pancetta” would have been perfect in it!!

Never mind, my younger son said he is going to eat the leftovers tomorrow, covered in cheese, to improve the flavour, or rather, to cover it!