Long on long

There’s nothing like  “LONG on LONG” to make one’s look instantly chic. A little “aristocratic chic”, especially the trench and trousers version.images

I am not sure why, it just does. With flats of course. Whether they are sandals, ballerinas, loafers, brogues, but flat nevertheless. Another detail which would make you look extremely chic would be the absence of a handbag but a man instead (carrying your things)…. Ok, not always possible but you do agree it looks ever so stylish?! Perhaps you could add sunglasses instead…

Some other LONG on LONG ideas:

Although the above are all with trousers and I quite like the LONG CARDIGAN on LONG DRESS or LONG SKIRT too:

Or even a dress over another dress:

I also like the long t-shirt + shorter sweater + cardigan + wide trousers look:

Well, it seems it’s going to be very cold in the next few days, so layers might be a solution…