Found it!

I have finally purchased a see-through mohair sweater. Hurray!!

And it’s in fact, one of the sweaters I had done a post about ( Here ), adding at the end I hadn’t found MY one yet. Ok, I do have an explanation for this. Really, a good one too. I was in love it:

&Other Stories Mohair Blend Sweater light grey

&Other Stories Mohair Blend Sweater light grey

And I had tried it on too, in the shop (the third store in the whole of Italy was opened last October in Bologna, lucky me!). Only, at the time, I went for a size medium, as I am. It looked awful, I was so disappointed. The sleeves were ever so long and it just didn’t look right. So I passed on it. Than, one day, I am not sure how it came to me, I thought perhaps I should try a smaller size, thinking “I am not a model, far from it. Average height, not super model height. So, the next time I was in town, I tried on extra-small. It was perfect. I absolutely adore it, the colour is fantastic as well. Even though is fluffy, being a light “pearly” grey, I think it will be nice in the Spring too.

Conclusion: never go for the size you think you are, it depends soo much on the style (and the height of the model in the picture you are looking at!).