Let’s talk waistcoats

Ok, so a waistcoat is a way to update your look in order to eventually meet autumn. I have two, they are short and of course now the trend is for long ones… I haven’t used mine in what? ten, fifteen years? I can’t remember. I have always kept them though. Perhaps I will make some use of them this year.

Zara long waistcoat



Anyway, as I said in the previous post, it is only a passing trend, as a consequence I wouldn’t overdo it. That’s why I am going to show you some I found from Zara.




There’s also this cutie:



Now you need a gorgeous georgette bow blouse 5.1.19c.17or a crisp white shirt. For the bottom I especially like to go long, like the waistcoat. A mid calf length would be nice.

Cos black Wool cashmere fold skirt

Otherwise, jeans are always ok, perhaps better the boyfriend cut, or a pair of wide trousers. Cropped wide ones would be rather nice.  I suppose culottes could be appropriate too, even if I am not really that fond of them.

Shoes: heels, brogues and later on ankle boots.