“Chic at 50” Vanity Fair’s article

My friend C. and I, happened to notice the very same article on Vanity Fair Italy and, as we seem to be doing lately, we happened to both think about writing a post about it… scary, isn’t it?! (only a couple of weeks ago we met up and were dressed the same…). Anyway, we decided to do what we like best, she has written a nasty piece about how ugly and ridiculous some women look and I have written the one about the women who get it right. Although… I think this time I was the one with the most difficult job! I had quite a lot of trouble finding some stylish women and decent outfits!!!!!

Now, bear in mind please, these are women who can afford a- designer clothes b- all sort of beautician services and products (some of them perhaps surgery too!) c- some of them were even born to be models

I would like to start with the one I liked best. Simple top with sleeves (perfect to cover up any “flabbiness”. Leather skirt but nice and loose = chic instead of “tarty”. Very simple sandals, because she is already wearing leather, so she doesn’t over do it. I might actually have something to say about that hair… shorter would definitely be better but because she is The Macpherson, I guess she can (translation: you can’t).



There’s only one other woman from the Vanity Fair article I liked and I would have never thought I would one day show on my Blog as an example of style:  Luciana Littizzetto. Not because she isn’t stylish, in fact I don’t know whether she normally is, but because she is a great comedian, and that’s what comes to mind when I think of her! But then, us women, can be a lot of things…



Can’t see the shoes. Great hair, just the right length for that age. Great top, loose enough but not shapeless, with a tasteful print. Black for the bottom part which is not tight. On top of all this, she has a great sense of humour, which adds considerably! This is where my selection from the Vanity Fair article ends.

Now I am just going to show you a selection of just under/just over or just 50 women I think have style or anyway look great:

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Now, if you understand Italian that is, go over to The Fashion reporter’s page for the “uglys” post!!!!


The article: