Update on my Spring “Wish list”

Remember my 2015 Spring wish list? Well, for some reason I went back to look at it recently and I decided to share with you what I actually bought and what I didn’t. Interested? I am going to tell you anyway. I think It’s interesting, even for oneself, to know what one aspired to at the time of making it and what the outcome actually was.

This is what I had on it:

I bought: the mules (see photo) and had the jeans shortened.

SPM TERRIER - Sandals - black

SPM TERRIER – Sandals – black

I didn’t buy the lace-up ballerinas because I couldn’t find a pair that satisfied me, unfortunately the Aquazzurra’s are the only gorgeous ones!! But I would still love to own a pair.

I didn’t buy the suede skirt for the same reason….and I would still like one though.

I haven’t bought the white shirt yet but I am going to try really hard to find “the one” tomorrow in Bologna (I have decided to do a bit of shopping!).

What did you have on your wish list you are now a proud owner of and what not?

I guess that’s why they are called “Wish lists”….