Reflections on “on line shopping”

To buy on-line or not to buy on-line, this the question, one which is quite difficult to answer to.

I have bought clothes and shoes on-line. Recently some swimwear. There’s no way I can easily go to Milan (the nearest place) to go to the “& Other Stories” shop. But there’s their site. I decided to buy some swimming costumes. Only one out of three fitted me. So I sent the two back. I guess that means I actually now own one I like and I wouldn’t have had it otherwise.


& Other Stories BIKINI HOTPANTS black

& Other Stories BIKINI HOTPANTS black

(I know, only a pair of pants really… but 1- they fit wonderfully 2- a woman never has enough black bottoms)

Today I went to Bologna though, to one of my favourite shops: COS. They are well-known for their cut, which is great, but, in order to find what I thought looked good on me, I had to try several things on, discarded quite a few and ended up with three items. They look stunning, as much as the ones I decided not to buy were not on me. Certainly couldn’t have done “on-line”!!!!!

The dress is gorgeous, fits really well and such an unusual cut while keeping to chic territory…The shirt, although looks like is going to make you look bigger than you are, doesn’t at all, in fact, quite the opposite. But the revelation were the trousers. 1- did not realise that style was around 2- looks great on, makes you look slimmer than you are. Bought!

So, what’s the answer? Well, there’s not black or white in this. It obviously helps the fact one can return things when purchased on internet sites, but, to be quite honest, I have decided there’s nothing like going to a shop, looking through the racks and touch (fabrics are important to me!) the clothes. The other reason I prefer shops is that you come across things and you can decide to give them a try and find you love a style you would have never thought you would.

So, although I can say I have bought some great things on line, my best buys are the “old-fashioned way”.