A black skirt


The black skirt I have in mind isn’t certainly a pencil skirt, no, too wintery, it isn’t a mini, forbidden to anybody older than 25, this is a style which is much more appropriate for any age and for this time of the year (for summer too). It is a specific, very chic, kind of skirt.




1- Full. Lots of fabric. A full pleated skirt or anyway a full-bodied skirt.

2- Length, just under the knee

3- Fabric: beautiful

8 Knee length skirt black

8 Knee length skirt black

I have two looks in mind for this skirt, the first one, the more elegant one, requires a white shirt and heels:

Black skirt + white shirt + black heels + pearl necklace

And if you can’t walk in those heels and want a more fitted shirt (which works better if you decide to “lower”yourself), here’s another version

Black skirt + white fitted shirt + black mid- heels + pearl necklace

I like the shirt open at the collar, tucked inside and the sleeves rolled up. I actually have a video for that!! I am not mad, not much anyway, watch it, it’s a great way to roll up sleeves:


Now, here’s the dressed down version:

Black skirt + white t-shirt + black mules

And the one with flats:

Black skirt + white t-shirt + black flat sandalsI hate to say it, but there is a photo of Victoria Beckham in which she is wearing more or less the look I have described. Her skirt is worn lower and she is wearing shoes (which I don’t like). She also has her hair down, I prefer the hair up or short.Loose white shirt + low waist wide skirt

Anyway, here are all the clothes and accessories I have used and some alternatives: