That’s Not My Age

I feel I must tell you about this Blog:

The reason being that is fantastic! Alyson Walsh, the name of its author, is witty (only British people can manage that), knows a lot about fashion, is older (so she knows a lot about many things!), is just so pleasant to read. I guess I am a little fed up with Blogs where the author posts photos of herself, wearing this or that outfit. Where the author looks splendid and thin and young. Most of us aren’t that perfect ( or boring….) and don’t have that sort of money to spend either. What I really like about Alyson Walsh is, she can write about anything, make it interesting, but most of all, she shows people one can be older, therefore interested in something other than fashion, but at the same time, be interested in fashion. Confused? I am a little but I don’t know how else to say it!!

This Blog is at the very top of my list. Love her. When something makes you smile it is bound to be right! (By the way, the Blogs I was speaking about above, don’t make me smile…)

This is a video she posted today:

You must have a look, you will not be disappointed, I promise. Do have a look at the page called That is my age, it’s brilliant!


BTW: She has written a book: Style Forever: the grown-up guide to looking fabulous. I can’t wait to order it and read it

Style Forever_FINAL 1