Off shoulder tops

Perhaps a tiny bit early to speak about off shoulder tops, I know. I am going to do it anyway!OFF-SHOULDER TOP black

I find them tricky, they can be chic if worn by the right person AND the right way, they can be rather a disaster otherwise! I looked through a lot of sites and the majority of tops were rather awful and “tarty”… I also think, whoever decides to wear this particular type of top, needs to be reasonably young (excess shrivelled up skin on your body isn’t the best!). Dresses are out of the question, unless extremely chic evening gowns. Flowery numbers look too hippy, although I have found ONE I like!!

Anyhow, Balmain and Tibi have done some lovely tops but they are definitely out of our reach! In alternative..


I am not in love with the stripy ones but I thought I ought to show a couple because they are quite trendy but I would not buy one.

The “off the shoulder top is famous and tends to be worn with tight trousers and flats, a la “Brigitte Bardot”. I don’t like it that way anymore though. I much prefer it with loose, long trousers or loose jeans, like this:


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I really like the black top worn with white trousers. I suppose one could wear a skirt instead, a wide cut and longish skirt that is (just under one’s knees I’d say), but that solution is much more difficult….