Ring sets & co.

Jewellery has gone “funny” since I stopped wearing it, which was several years ago. There used to be rings, women wore different rings with different stones or just plain gold ones on their fingers. N4228800_0_cartier_engagement-rings-ringsThat is the top part of their fingers (there is a reason why I am specifying this). Rings were usually worn on the three central fingers and some quite eccentric women wore one on their index or on the little finger. For a long time yellow gold was all you could see, than there came white gold and the yellow version became outdated or only for older people.

Now rings have gone everywhere on one’s hands and there are even ring sets!

Nasty Gal You’re So Golden 6-pc. Ring Set

Nasty Gal You’re So Golden 6-pc. Ring Set

Don’t get me wrong, I do like this new “arrangement” , it’s just I need time to adjust and get to know this “new system”….because now rings are really worn everywhere!! Even on the bottom part of one’s fingers!! There are really long ones, there are sets, which one wears on several fingers or distributes them for example 2/3 on one finger and the remaining say 2 on two different fingers, ok this is confusing… better show you some pictures:

The long ones

(these are the ones I prefer)

The sets

( first pic: you are supposed to wear the bigger one in “the normal place”, while the other one on the bottom part of the same finger!!)

The open ones

(the third one looks like they have forgotten the stones!! while the first two look like my Mum’s engagement ring only now the diamond have doubled!!)

There are even “tied together” sets…

And finally square rings (they all make me think of something else, the second one looks like a paper clip!!).  It looks like, “design” ones, tend to be in either white gold or silver, for the poorer ones of us)

Here’s Amlul (from the famous blog) wearing several rings…and bracelets for that matter but I am not interested in those.

Rings You can basically wear what you want where you want. Perhaps slightly confusing or liberating? Bah.