Bras v. clothes

The wrong bra can ruin a look. I know nothing about bras, but, I am certain about a few things:

1- Push-ups are OUT and were never chic. Regal neckline

2- The way a top or dress falls depends on its cut/fabric but also on the bra you are wearing

"The Reluctant Fundamentalist" Premiere And Opening Ceremony - The 69th Venice Film Festival3- You can always see an ill-fitting bra as much as you DON’T notice a good fit, which obviously is the way it should be.

4- Much easier to dress having a small bust than a big one. Ok, I know one can’t change that, at least not easily … just saying in case your insanity is convincing you to “enlarge”!!!

Androginous neckline5- Let’s not lose sight of the point I am trying to make though…

6- Just go to a good lingerie shop and get a real person to help you find the right bra for you, as in one which is going to fit you properly and be comfortable.

7- If you are rather “small” you could try for something that helps you add slightly but is still chic. I know I said push-ups are out but, you can possibly go for one, as long as it isn’t over the top. There are other solutions though, try them, you will be surprised by how good they look. If you are “big”, rather than the bra (which helps but isn’t nearly enough), you must find the right clothes.Evening neckline chic

8- No bra? Well, if you can….it is potentially very chic…very difficult though to get it right…you can slip into extreme vulgarity in a nano second!

Extreme neckline chic9- All in all, I reckon it’s nicer to see nothing there than those awful pointy breasts or pushed to your chin ones some bras make!!!!!Naked neckline

A coupe of addresses on-line to have a look at, where there is actually expert advice:

I still think you should go to the shop first, and, once you know your size, styles etc. you can go on-line.