Not exactly a glamorous subject this one but nevertheless one we all need to address, unless you sleep just “wearing Chanel N.5” that is! In real life, real women don’t though.

So, for those of us who feel either cold or “Victorian”… Following my recent purchase of items I intend to wear in bed (to sleep), I have some ideas I want to share with you. Interested? Well, if you are, here is what I think:

First of all, I don’t much like already paired (top and bottom) pyjamas.

Second, I hate those “little girl” ones with various types of teddy bears or similar which sometimes are even stuck on !!!! They should not be worn even by little girls, let alone by grown women.

Now that I have made myself clear about these two points I can proceed to speak about what I do like, which is:

Long sleeve plain T-shirt and NOT matching men’s trousers.

You do not need to spend much at all. I got mine from a a big chain store AND on sale. The thing is, cotton pyjama trousers are always cheap and men’s ones are almost always nice. I got a pair of black viscose jersey trousers too. Same cut.

The t-shirt of course doesn’t need to be a night top. I quite like using two different patterns together, e.g. stripe and check. I also prefer the pattern to be a classic men’s one. Tartan is always great but a nice flower can be ok.

Don’t even think about wearing those horrible thick socks with rubber bits underneath or big fluffy Yeti feet. Bare foot is extremely chic, but if you really can’t manage, use a pair of very plain flat slippers or ballerinas.

Again, you don’t need to break the bank to find a cute pair of slippers, mine come from the same shop I got my PJs from and they are cloth ballerinas, which, by the way, I can even wash.

Now, the dressing gown. No hope here! They are either awful or too expensive.

This is my ideal one:



But of course it’s way way too expensive… so, I make do with a knitted coat I found at a market. What I have been thinking to do for years now, is have one made.  I haven’t got around to finding out how much it would be though but I will one day!

Good night everyone.