COS: what they do best


COS strength and, at the same time for some people the trouble, is how they show their clothes. The importance is given to the piece of clothing, nothing else. COS apparently stands for Collection of style. It says it all. But I am going to tell you anyway! Their clothes are minimalist, most of the fabrics they use are very good quality and natural fibres but they also adventure in new fabrics, the almost sartorial cut is excellent. They are timeless classics at the right price. At least for most people’s pockets!

You have to look beyond the austere and pale models and try to imagine that piece of clothing with your style, your clothes. Theirs are kind of basic/anonymous, in a positive way though. It means, they always suit you and you can make what you want of them. If you wish to follow their style, you can wear them the way they suggest, but, if you want you can match them to suit your own style. When you look through their site, you must take care to spend time checking them well, they are not for an immediate “wow factor”, time to understand them is a must. If you do it hurrying too much, they will end up all appearing to you indistinguishable one from the other…

I believe what they do best is dresses. But their skirts and trousers aren’t bad either!!

I have chosen some from the current collection, with a look for a certain kind, to go with my next post, which is going to be about wearing classical clothes with trainers: