Silk squares, trench and jeans

6308774445_1_1_17I have a friend who is very classic and very classy too. A couple of days ago she was wearing a lovely silk square folded around her neck. ss14paul174001499-assorted_1I immediately thought that, although the silk square kind of belongs to my mum’s era, it still is very nice and, provided you wear it with a more contemporary look, it can be gorgeous. It can make your outfit look very classy and provides an alternative to jewellery, keeping you warm as well!!

I like it with the classic trench coat and jeans especially. I would make sure  there is though,  at least 1 or 2 things in the outfit which are quite fashion forward and also that the jeans particularly, but the rest too, are good quality.

Of course the silk square must be divine, that translates into spending a lot I am afraid…

So, you want to have:

1) a trench

2) a gorgeous silk square, either a beautiful colourful flowery print or a classic “horse themed” one

3) a pair of great jeans

4) a good quality belt

5) a classic sweater, preferably a cashmere one, in classic colours too

but if you can’t stretch to cashmere, you could always have a classic lambswool one

6) a bag, why not a clutch to make the look a bit less classic

7) finally a pair of shoes, perhaps a pair of pointy ballerinas to be a lady or some ankle boots , if you have a more sporty person in you. I prefer flats but if you really must wear heels, do wear something very classy.


So, having listed all that is needed, here are some collages of what it looks like all together:

skinny jeans, trench and flower silk square


Boyfriend jeans dark, trench, grey sweater

Boyfriend jeans, trench, burgundy and beige sweater

Boyfriend jeans, trench