Grey hair


You don’t have to be young to be beautiful.

You don’t have to dye your hair to be beautiful.

You do have to be stylish if you want to go grey.



In fact, I don’t think beauty equals beautiful, it certainly helps, but it isn’t about that. I think being beautiful is about finding your own style, maximizing your best features, style is essential though.


We all become old or at least the lucky ones do. Now, most women dye their hair until they are quite old, not without some quite ridiculous results some of the times. Too dark, so they just enhance their wrinkled and colourless skin ending up looking older than they actually are! Too light, so they look all one sad and going bad mousey greyish near expiry date human being. Sometimes they go really bright with some extremely embarrassing results!!
The ones that decide to stop dyeing their hair at some point late in they lives, age about 20 years overnight!!!!! This is why I think we should stop dyeing our hair when we are younger and do it gradually.


I am not telling everybody to go grey. All I want to say is women should feel more confident about themselves, find their own style, focus or base they style on their best features, or even the worst ones! If for instance you happen to have nice hands/ legs/ hair/ etc. make the most of it. Having said this, some women manage to transform a negative aspect of themselves into one of their best assets….


Going grey may be an opportunity to adapt your style while slowly adjusting to the fact you aren’t 20 anymore. The thing is, if you keep on wanting to look good and aren’t young anymore, you end up struggling every day more and never be happy with the result. If instead you show your age but look terribly good at it, isn’t that much better?

Every age needs to have its style, I am sure you realise if you are 40 you shouldn’t wear a mini anymore, don’t you?! (most of the times…as always there are exceptions)


So, if you have decided you have had enough of going to your hairdresser every two weeks to have your hair dyed and anyway looking good for periods of time shorter and shorter in between sessions, not to mention the expense of it all, and have decided you want to try to go grey, here’s what you should do:


1) check with your partner he is willing to give it a try and let you know if at any point he isn’t sure about your changing looks ( this is the only person I feel ought to agree with your decision)

2) be very patient, it takes a good two years to get rid of the colour ( if done gradually)

3) keep on going regularly to your hairdresser or even more than before in order to have haircuts which get rid of the coloured hair ( it’s up to you how drastic you want to be with this ) and keep you looking at least tidy if not gorgeous. This will prevent you from giving up!

4) you might need to change hairdresser, some of them disagree with this decision, whether it be because they don’t like it or because they will not earn so much out of your visits, they will not give their best when cutting your hair.

5) Start dressing and putting make-up on according to this ” new you”.

6) If you do manage to get to the end of this rather demanding period and succeed, this is what you need to do:

Certainly make up and clothes will have to conform as well.

  • 8d36a68cb4b888aba9af61873f92e5f8 Some shades aren’t going to look great near your face, having said that, you can always wear a statement neckless or a scarf in order to adjust the colour near your face.




  •  Why not start wearing something quite distinctive without forgetting to always be chic!





  • 2d39a727c350cb1f7b0152d32e27b430Make-up needs to be more accurate. Do you remember when you were 20 and you couldn’t possibly go out without make-up? Well, than you could have, it’s now you can’t!!!



  • 59d001326ac7e0b9acf466f27f0e64f0You are going to have to define your eyes more or, like one of the women in the pictures, wear a pair of unusual/ strong looking glasses and enhance your lips instead perhaps. You probably need glasses anyway by now so you might as well make the most of it!!




  • Of course your haircut must be very good, whether it were fashion forward or classic, your hair must always be kept looking at its best. That means buying specific shampoos, going to your hairdresser as often as needed in order to keep it always impeccable and finding styles that suit you and your very personal style in dressing. Please don’t go ” hippy”… chic is the right way. I am not terribly fond of long hair after a certain age, but, some women can….

So, here are some more photos of women who have “gone grey”, some famous, some not….



Best of luck.