Bright make-up

I know absolutely nothing about make-up, what I mean is, I don’t know anything about products or the secrets of putting make-up on well. What I do know though, is whether I like a look or not, and I really fancy this one right nowtrucco-occhi:
bright eye shadow .





Whatever the colour, I think it’s nice just on the lower part of your eyelid and a tiny bit over the middle of it.

trucco-occhi-ombretto-celesteJust one shade, no eyeliner otherwise it would look too “tarty” and heavy rather than fresh and summary.




Or, you could just draw a thick line..

I do prefer it without bright lipstick though……..

or only bright lipstick..



and, what about two different colours for top and bottom?!


or a line all around it..

I also like matching eyes and hands…

What about using a little white?

Isn’t it quite classy yet unusual and fashion forward ?

In the evening… or daytime ….closeup female eye








I would just make sure of course not to overdo it with clothes or jewellery, so the focal point of your look remains your eyes.

Enter one of those gorgeous shops full of little beautiful colours and feast on completely irrational, over the top,  yet very satisfying purchases…

Then, go home, before you do anymore damage to your finances and enjoy yourself trying all these different styles and find the ones which suit you best, you and your personality.