Sandals DIY

Today I made a very startling discovery.

I have had a pair of beautiful sandals for at least three years. They are very simple, dark brown leather and they have a bunch of different sized pearls right in the middle where the two strips meet. This makes them really beautiful and different.
So why don’t I wear them???!!!

Well, the truth is, they are too fussy in the end. As you know, I like a very simple look. So, if I am wearing a pair of earrings, which are a tiny bit bigger than normal, well, I feel these sandals become too much in the same outfit.
I am not saying they wouldn’t be very nice with, for example an all black outfit, it’s just I also want to wear other accessories sometimes…

To come to the point, this is what I did: I took off the pearls. Yes, it is a shame, now they are very normal, kind of boring. Sometimes though, boring is necessary.
And that’s when I thought, why can’t I add the pearls only when I want them ?

So, finally, this is what you and I can do:

You need a pair of plain, simple sandals…

and lots of imagination….lightbulb

Why not add things to your sandals, depending on what you are wearing?

Here are some ideas:

Hair accessories e.g. clips






Ribbons and bows


Fabric such as tulle







Clip earrings


What do you think?
Any more ideas anybody?