Massimo Dutti BAG

Not sure what’s happening here…. July has just began and Massimo Dutti has basically nothing left in the sales!?!?

And there’s more… they already have THE new season!?!?
Now, having complained about it, I am going to tell you about a handbag which is in the sales… but I would buy for next winter..

Here it is   

Isn’t it gorgeous? Well, I love it. Nice thick leather, not too elegant, not too casual, just the right size for all those absolutely necessary things we need always with us, a colour which goes with everything and also with all the things where there is nothing which goes with them… (this one sounds funny but if you manage to work it out it makes sense, it does!), will never go out of fashion, the older it gets the nicer it becomes, etc. Anyway, do you really need an excuse to buy it??