Beach time!!

I actually don’t like going to the seaside….
Having shared that with you, I do realise most people like it and, even if I don’t like the heat, water and the boredom that goes with that type of holiday, I do go  to the beach too, only for the shortest time possible though!images

I suppose a summer tan is useful as well, one tends to always look better with a little colour, but, be careful, you shouldn’t go too far with that and end up looking like wrinkled cardboard and worse still, common!!

Anyway, I had my usual look around and found some “essentials” one ought to have…

Bikinis and &…
Prefer simple or some tasteful print
MUST suit your body
No point wearing a top which ties around your neck if you than want to avoid sun marks and end up tying it in a funny way..
Top and bottom don’t have to be from the same bikini but obviously must go nicely together




or you might want to hide your tummy..

Seafolly Goddess Maillot swinsuit white

Seafolly Goddess Maillot swinsuit white

or be colourful..



A beautiful bag
Here you can go wild…

or not…

and if you fancy going a bit over the top and looking very chic..
A huge hat

&Other Stories straw sun hat

Of course don’t forget sunglasses….
Ok big but no “names” (unless small and tasteful) or glitter please!

I always like aviators lots..