The black longuette

I saw this lady a few days ago, wearing the most sophisticated skirt ever, THE BLACK LONGUETTE!! It was a jersey, very simple longuette. She had matched it with a pair of ballerinas and a white softly cut, longish shirt. She looked so chic!
Now, it does need to be very well cut and the material needs to be good too, otherwise it’s going to look cheep and shapeless. I also think it should be tight but not too much. The length about 10 cm under the knees hugging them a little. I prefer it without opening at the back.
So, I think one must invest money on it, it’s a classic which is going to last anyway. I love it with flats, or, only for evening and special occasions, it can be worn with heels, as long as they are very simple and classy though.

Here are a couple of outfits:

tmp_Collage 2014-04-30 15_17_591557333611tmp_Collage 2014-04-30 15_24_441652326340


Of course no tights…