Pink and red VDM (very difficult match)

Handle with extreme care.

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My sister bought me some really nice earings a while ago, they are red and pink. Here they are: tmp_20140512_214025590676915

I know, the picture isn’t very clear, but this the best I could do with my tablet!!  Anyway, they are very nice. The match too though. I really like this two colours together. Having said that, I think actually wearing them together is extremely difficult.

I looked mainly on Zalando and found very little in these shades which is wearable! Most clothes and accessories are awful. But, I did see a few lovely things, which you can see below. Get it right and you will have a very fresh, new and exciting outfit; get it wrong and you will look at best ridiculous!!!! Good luck.










Where there is no top, I think the best solution is always the white shirt.
Hope you get the idea, even though I wasn’t able to find much, but perhaps you have just the right things in your wardrobe, waiting to come to a new life….