Let’s talk autumn shoes!

Shoes! I adore shoes! So I thought I would start my autumn style suggestions with what I like best.
I think shoes are very important and make a huge difference to any outfit. Quality is very important too, having said that, I think that if one wants a pair of fashionable pretty pumps to use for only a season, one could buy something less expensive, as long as it is fun and different. But,the basic black shoe has to be good!

As mentioned before, I don’t really like heels much, that means you are going to find, at least for now, lots of very flat shoes.

I would divide them into three different styles:


Ok, the first group is what I am really excited about, as it is something new! Well… something which hasn’t been around for a while. I have always liked the “Gucci” loafer a lot and I think the “slipper” looks fun and very chic. I think they are going to be great both with skirts and trousers, although the set of legs need to be quite good…. anyway, keep the skirt quite long and the trousers short.
There are a few pairs which are rather flashy, so be careful! Only to be worn with a very understated outfit.
Here we are:

Next, ballet pumps, although some of the above perhaps could be considered to belong to this group…
I am happy to say ballerinas are going pointy again, which is good news as they make legs look much much longer!

And finally…. some laces. I can’t help it, I have always loved this kind of shoe and I have always had a pair. I generally prefer them with trousers but they are occasionaly nice with skirts too, something not short and tight, perhaps a tartan skirt or knitted dress. I like the chunkier version, not too much though. These too make your legs look thin and long.

I don’t want to talk about boots yet…..
Have fun with your “shoes shopping” and don’t forget to take a pair of socks with you! Speaking of which…. need to think and do some research about those too…
Bye bye.