A track trousers outfit !

Track trousers have been in fashion for a little while now but I wasn’t really sure about this look… until today. That’s when I noticed this woman wearing them with just the right things! Here is what I would do:


1 Long cardigan, simple and not too tight in either black or grey.

2 Top or t-shirt, possibly a flamboyant one. I rather love the idea of a sequin covered top!

3 Track trousers, not too wide not too tight, in a mid weight fabric, no writing on them and cuffs at the ankles. Wouldn’t go for anything other than black or dark grey.

4 Ballerinas, I prefer the rounded toes kind in this case, but, if you need to lengthen your legs you can wear a pair of pointy ones. Again, provided the top/t-shirt is quite simple, you could go “over the top” with the shoes and wear a really bright coloured pair with metallic finish. I actually quite like lace up shoes too, especially if the cardigan is quite chunky.

5 Big tote to complete. This too could be quite flashy if everything else isn’t!

Here are some examples:

a few more things to play with and substitute to what’s above…

Hope you find it useful.
Bye for now.