Following yesterday’s reflections I thought I would expand on the subject “night wear”.         White bedroom-1277730108


As already mentioned, my opinion is that one should look nice in all occasions, as a consequence one should invest, not an enormous amount of money though,  in something “decent”  to wear in bed.

Now, we are all different, some of us like to wear as little as possible and pile up on the bed linen, some of us prefer to wear something cosy and warm. Whatever the type NEVER look like

1 a small girl who wears pj’s with bears and similar

2 somebody who is sleeping in a tent at the north pole, see various types of cardigans,  socks etc.

3 a tart

provided you agree with all of the above, here are some of the things I have found:

mix & DON’T match

Unfortunately I have not been able to find one decent
dressing gown, sooo chic to wear on Sunday mornings when you have time to do nothing until lunch and walk around the house still in your pyjamas. ..
Worse comes to the worse I think you could wear a nice long man cardigan, barefoot obviously!