I was reflecting the other day on the fact that it is very important for women to always look good. What we sometimes forget though is that, in order to feel good about ourselves, we should ALWAYS look good! I don’t intend to put pressure on anyone but a lot of us go to great lengths when preparing to go out for dinner for example and, when at home, walk around the house looking awful….I don’t think that works, I am not saying we should always look perfect but, if one feels good about oneself, doesn’t that help a lot? If you are for example cleaning the house and happen to pass a mirror and you see quite a nice reflection in it, doesn’t that help in the overall self-esteem matter?! So, I reckon there are certain aspects which should always be kept up to scratch.

Audrey Tautou

Audrey Tautou

1 HAIR it doesn’t matter what kind of hair or colour, it should always be tidy and clean, possibly with a nice cut, no overdue dying and right for your age. I think I will come back on this in more depth.

2 MANICURE AND PEDICURE no excuses, your hands should always have a nice manicure, I prefer short nails, I think they look much more elegant. No need for nail polish if you don’t like it or can’t apply it yourself, although one should at least manage off white or similar (gives certainly much more room for mistakes than darker or brighter colours! )

Your feet need the same attention, even if it is winter and you only wear shoes, surely at some point during the day you will have naked feet and you will happen to look at them?! Wouldn’t it be nice to think they look good? During summer nail polish is a must, during winter… well better with than without ( only light colours though) but I think it is ok not to wear it, providing your feet and nails look decent.

3. MAKE UP well…this is difficult… it depends on age, hair, style, too many things! I feel the important thing is NOT OVER DO IT and wear it when you feel you need it in order to look at least healthy perhaps interesting/different/glamorous and so on. Never in bed or at the gym though!!!

Once you are nice and groomed you can start thinking about clothes. …
Whatever the occasion, going out/office etc, staying at home, sports or night wear…. buy good quality, better fewer but good than more but ill-fitting and in cheap materials.
I think I will come back on this too…

End of today’s reflections. …