The right clothes perform miracles

Today I disposed of my work clothes, white polo and skirt, for a much much more suitable dress and I felt a different person.

I hate polos and they don’t suit me. I am quite wary of white too, so, you can immagine an all white look! I don’t have a tan, not that I like it so much either, I find it sometimes rather common (so uptight of me, isn’t it?!!). A little colour is ok, but just a healthy shade of it. My hair is going grey, mind, a not so bad shade of it fortunately.

I changed into this gorgeous black COS dress (which is great with no tan), loose in all right places but not too much to make me look like I have no shape, long enough to cover my knees (they have definitely never been nice). I felt human again!

A nice pair of sandals, earrings, handbag and groomed hair/hands/feet and I was ready to face the world!