Ever tried to stroke a cat? If the cat doesn’t want to be stroked, he/she will a) run away b) if that not possible, try to stop you by scratching you. That is how a “normal” cat would behave.

Douglas doesn’t (he is my very much-loved cat). This is him: he sees your hand approaching, as he is walking by, with his usual nonchalance ( as in rather slowly!), when your hand is close by, he will  lower himself just a little, while continuing walking though, in order to avoid your hand.  If that doesn’t work, he will just lower himself more and very slowly (this is definitely a prerogative of his) slide his legs out in opposite directions until he reaches the ground, where he will patiently endure a bit of stroking.

I have never, ever seen him doing anything else. He is certainly extremely patient and more than a little lazy. I guess he has been brought up by my sons, who have raised him to put up with all kind of harassment!