Mohair knit + floral mid-length skirt + ankle boots

This is how I imagine the look:

The knit: has to be mohair or a blend because it has to be reasonably “fluffy” looking. Any shape will do, as long as it suits you and the skirt. I prefer the oversized kind though. Either soft shades or colour.

The skirt: has to be mid length and full, longer will do too. Wintery floral pattern if possible. Very difficult to find anything actually, perhaps not on trend right now. I found brands I have never heard of, with some weird names too…

The boots: This is where it really does get complicated. I want a pair of black flat ones, and this is easy enough. But, I would like them to have the leg part a little higher than most so that it hugs the ankle.

Here is what I have in mind in pictures:




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