Classic match

I know I shouldn’t be looking at winter clothes yet but I love them so much more than the summer ones….

So, here’s a “match made in heaven”, cashmere cardigan, jeans and loafers, mid-heel loafers!!

Cashmere cardigan + jeans light blue + thin necklace + mid-heel loafers

The cardigan is Massimo Dutti (here). They have a new cashmere collection out with the usual suspects. I am sure you are bound to have a pair of jeans and a necklace similar the ones in the picture. Now, the shoes. I would just about kill to have those Gucci gorgeous loafers, but I can’t… either kill or have them!

Here are a few alternatives:


What for moccasinsTopshop loafersAsos loafersRiver Island loafersThe seller suede moccasins

I really quite like the “The seller” leather pair…