I feel compelled to write about this need to “over do it” a lot of us have. I have been looking at several Blogs lately and all I see is a lot of trying really hard to stand out by wearing exaggerated outfits. I am not against the odd unusual and flamboyant piece of clothing, but this:

Doesn’t look nice and doesn’t suit them either. Although I have always felt one can and should dress as one pleases, I just can’t understand why a person feels the need to either follow trends at all costs, even if they don’t suit her (or  doesn’t even like them), or when the clothes she wears make her look silly. Worse yet, when a person, in order to look different, will wear the strangest thing she can find, just to be noticed. Take the pictures above: there’s way too much going on. If you take, sometimes, not always, the single pieces on their own, they are nice. But all together?!! It just becomes a mess. Some of them instead are just ghastly and I have the feeling they have been worn in order to impress only. And anyway, would you not want to be remembered for yourself, without an accurate idea of what you were wearing but leave as memory a sense of elegance, taste, or be remembered for your rather strange look? I would prefer the former. Chic isn’t having on all the trends at once or any trends for that matter!

Isn’t this much better:

Perhaps I am wrong but I do think “less is more”. By this is just my point of view (and that of numerous more famous people who have said it before me).