Wardrobe Spring-cleaning

Have you already started taking out the heavier winter clothes from your wardrobe? I have, and you should too. A few days ago I took out all the thick jumpers, wooly trousers, etc. etc. I also made a huge pile of items I had not used at all this winter, or the previous ones in some cases, they are going to live somewhere else, a much happier life, where somebody else is going to love them and appreciate them….20151_beca06a_wardrobes_PH121184There is nothing worse than having clothes you don’t like anymore filling up your wardrobe, they make the nice ones look bad too. Rearranged my remaining clothes and WOW! I suddenly had plenty of nice things to wear!!!! They were all there before I started but they were buried under lots of horrible ones!!

I always find there are some things which help with the way your wardrobe looks, therefore with the way your clothes look too:

  • I always have my hangers the same (mine are wooden) and pointing the same way 201311_Hooks_hangers
  • I have some nice boxes where I keep my belts rolled up nicely and my scarves too

  • I fold my clothes all the same width, they look so much better! I also put similar colours together
  • The hanging ones are colour coded too…and of course by type (jackets, shirts, etc.)hanging-clothes-26039860

Am I starting to sound like I am a little too tidy? No, I don’t think so. I think this is just a way to make what you already have look nicer or rather, as nice as it should be. This is just the difference between an ironed shirt and a creased one. Which one would you rather have?!