The slip dress over shirt/top (trend)

How do you feel about this slip dress on shirt/long sleeve top trend? I am not hundred per cent sure… but I am kind of drawn by it. If anything because I have had a lovely slip (plain black silk thing) in my wardrobe for years and haven’t used it for almost as long, I lack the formal occasion to wear it on its own…I also have a cheaper grey velvet one…I still like them both and can’t bring myself to get rid of them!

This is what the runway for Spring 2016 has shown:

Now, this is certainly not your average, everyday use of it, I grant it, but, if one were to find/have (don’t we all?) something a little more subtle… something like this for example:

And wore it with a plain white shirt or a thin long sleeve top:

Are you going to try?


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