Finery’s burgundy skirt

There used to be a time when, come January, the sales started. For two very long months there was NOTHING, nothing interesting around. Which was bad, one couldn’t buy anything new and exciting. On the other hand, it was a time one could save money for the Spring arrivals. Things are different now. The sales don’t last very long, there are already plenty of sites which have new stimulating arrivals. And I am not talking clothes one cannot wear yet because they are too light and summery….Which is nice. Well, yes, nice, but expensive!!!!! Anyhow, all this rambling because I have seen a skirt, a gorgeous burgundy skirt:

Finery Belshaw Fold A Line Skirt in burgundy

Finery Belshaw Fold A Line Skirt in burgundy


I love the colour match too, hate the shoes though…