Summer’s tail

I don’t know you, but I get bored with summer’s clothes much faster than I do with winter ones. I do have to be realistic though, where I live is going to be hot for at least another month, if not longer. There’s no way I can start wearing anything thick and wooly!! And anyway, I don’t want to start buying now what I will be wearing in 2/3 months time, because, whenever I have done in the past, it always turned out not to be a good idea. I tend to get it wrong. I get excited because I love all of those heavy fabrics like wool, cashmere, tweed, etc. I love  shoes like brogues, ankle boots, etc. So, anything that looks remotely like that, looks wonderful to my “by now, extremely fed up with the heat” senses….I also can’t remember what I already have from the previous year, so I have sometimes ended up with copies…

I do want a slightly new look though, something less summery and more “autumn looking”. So, this is what I have come up with:

Colours: well, this is the easiest one, all you need to do is to start using shades of grey (!!), burgundy, mustard, dark green, burnt orange, petrol blue,etc.

Add a waistcoat, shouldn’t make you feel too hot

Waistcoat over shirtand it seems to be quite a trend right now. I wouldn’t spend too much on this though as I am sure it will pass…

Wear a shirt, a man’s type of shirt.

Striped man's shirt with skirt

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Small patterns look wintery too, perhaps you could start with a man’s scarf…




Bow shirts seem to be really big for the winter too, perhaps with the collar untied for now!
















A floral print blouse could do the trick as well, if matched to the right colour

A little suede in the classic brown or grey, although I am slightly over suede by now ( even if I haven’t actually bought anything in it )


Heavy looking lace can look rather wintery

Zara lace MIDI SKIRT burgundy


As do embroideries

Zara embroidered clutch

Zara embroidered clutch







And dark denim does

Swap your slouchy bag for a structured handbag ( in love with this suede/burnt orange/structured bag!!!)



Wear a scarf

A sleeveless dress with a blouse (not dissimilar to the waistcoat look I suppose…)6771120605_2_1_1

A longuette, together with a blouse and pumps.

Uttam boutique bird tapestry skirt

Uttam boutique bird tapestry skirt



Right now this is all I can think of, but I will update if I come up with anything else.