What’s a good wardrobe like?

It is a very difficult answer. I have just read a post on “Matches Fashion’s site (the link was actually on the blog “Keep it Chic”). It’s about two women, Italian women, successful women: Giorgia and Giulia Tordini. I have never heard of Walk-in cupboardthem actually. What I like about the article though is that some of their choices in the “10 rules of style” list, make perfect sense to me.


  1. Invest in classic staples Well, this is really my “bible”. I completely agree.
  2. Find the perfect handbag I also agree with this point fully, I have had handbags for nearly 30 years and I am not throwing them away!
  3. Channel Parisian style Sooner or later I am going to write about this.
  4. Make a statement with accessories I strongly believe in accessories.
  5. Keep your wardrobe organised Another very good point and one I always stand by.

Of course it is not all there.. there’s plenty more to say about the perfect wardrobe. This is only part of it, but some very good points all the same.

Here’s the link if you want to read the full post:


Another post came to mind about building the perfect wardrobe:


I think I will come back with more on this subject in the near future. Bye for now.