Fingers & toes

Enough with the dark colours, with the unusual brights (see green, blue, etc.), with nail art, never liked “glow in the dark” shades…Red varnish on toes

Back to classics. Almost. Now I want shades of red (more like a orangey/pinky red) and mid-grey.

I like hands & feet with the same colour or red on one and grey on the other. These are shades which tend to go with anything anyway.

In Italy, we have KIKO, which is a great source for make-up in general at affordable prices. Trends last for such short periods now, I feel it isn’t worth spending too much. At least on things like nail polish, if one doesn’t get fed up with the colour, it goes funny very soon and one has to throw it away anyway. Have you ever had a colour you have finished?!?!? No, I am sure not.

Back to my reds and greys:

I also really like this shade:

KIKO rosso ibisco

KIKO rosso ibisco

Here’s the link to have a look at their numerous shades:

Grey and red nail varnish collage