Always add a third colour, sometimes a fourth!

My question is, when you decide what to wear, how many colours do you go for? If you do, that is, decide that way… There was a time when one was supposed to wear two colours in an outfit. That was very difficult, too many shades ( and one couldn’t wear two different ones, oh no, that wasn’t done!!!), but that’s how it was. Now things seem much more relaxed and one can just about do anything one likes, with taste of course!

I reckon though, the best looks always have at least three colours… Your first thought I would guess is: complicated! It isn’t. Provided you know your style and your colours and have built your wardrobe around this, everything kind of falls together by itself. My clothes tend to be black, beige, white, grey, blue, burgundy, etc. I think you get the picture! ( and if you don’t they are just above…) I have a few items in brighter colours or pattered, but not many. Well, all the plain colours basically go together, don’t they? That means I don’t really need to think about coordinating them, do I ? Then, if I want, I can sometimes add to those one “busy” piece. My outfit is done!

A few examples:

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